Thriving Kids Guatemala

Thriving Kids Guatemala

About This Campaign

Dear Friend,

We love Thriving Kids. That’s why we’re working with ministries like Casa Bernabé in Guatemala and throughout the developing world to provide Christian education, increase access to quality healthcare, ensure clean drinking water and nutritious food, care for vulnerable children, and build safe homes.

In addition to basic human needs, kids thrive on connection. They love to be hugged, listened to and known. We want to give you the opportunity to make a powerful difference in the life of a hurting child on every level – including their heart.

Soon, you will receive two cross necklaces in the mail. One is for you to keep as a reminder of your faithful partnership with Cross International. The other is for a child in need.

All you have to do is sign your name on the enclosed decal, stick it to the back of one of the cross packets (keep the other for yourself), and return it in the provided envelope.

We’ll send your signed cross to a child we serve that needs the gift of love and connection, and we’ll use your generous donation to meet their critical needs for food, shelter, education, and more. Your simple act of care and action in Jesus’ name will set something beautiful and lasting into motion!

With gratitude,
Cross International

Cross International

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At Cross International, the gospel motivates us to connect those in deepest need with Generous believers and local ministry partners. Our passion is to transform the needs we see into a new reality; healthy children with joyful smiles and inspired minds; communities with clean water, nutritious food, and strong families; and hearts full of hope for the future. Changing lives is our goal, so we form strong relationships and manage resources wisely, sowing seeds that will reap a harvest for years to come.