Casa de Vida

Casa de Vida

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Victims of Domestic Violence Desperately Need Your Help!

Imagine children and mothers fleeing an abusive situation in the middle of the night with nothing but the clothes on their back, only to have to sleep in a broken down bed at the shelter they find! Unfortunately, that’s the situation for women and their children seeking refuge at Casa de Vida, a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Guatemala City.
Cross International

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At Cross International, the gospel motivates us to connect those in deepest need with Generous believers and local ministry partners. Our passion is to transform the needs we see into a new reality; healthy children with joyful smiles and inspired minds; communities with clean water, nutritious food, and strong families; and hearts full of hope for the future. Changing lives is our goal, so we form strong relationships and manage resources wisely, sowing seeds that will reap a harvest for years to come.